Retrotec Ltd. is recognised as one of the world’s premier aircraft restoration facilities. The company is the organisation consistently used by both the Historic Aircraft Collection and Aero Vintage Limited, both pre-eminent collectors of historic aircraft. The workshops are based just north of Hastings, East Sussex in the village of Westfield, and the company employs 20 people in a purpose built factory; there are also workshop facilities at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford.

A diverse range of services are available: design, parts manufacture and reconstruction of both complete aircraft and components. These are underpinned by licensed engineers and CAA A8-21 accreditation.

Almost all the projects undertaken by Retrotec are unique survivors of aircraft not restored in modern times. Retrotec specialises in historic aircraft engineering techniques of an era of aircraft that so far has been given scant attention. Survivors from the 30’s are extremely rare, and their manufacturing techniques have been mainly lost. However, the company is equally adept at restoring any ex-military aircraft, from the beginning of the 1st WW to the end of the 2nd WW, and can guarantee that you will achieve a level of authenticity and quality that we feel is unequalled.