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Current Projects

  • The fuselage and other major components of a highly significant late World War 2 fighter for a client (details are confidential).
  • A number of complex engines for clients all over the world
  • A continuation or minor projects for PIMA aviation museum, Arizona, USA
  • Fi 156 Fieseler Storch.
  • Messerschmitt Me 109e together with a heavily remanufactured DB 601A.
  • Alvis Leonides engine(s) for a private owner.
  • Numerous magnetos and minor manufacturing projects, including Spitfire wheels and other parts.
  • 3 x engine bearers being restored for Mk. V Spitfires.
  • The most exciting recent development is the awarding of a contract to remanufacture a Mosquito for a charitable trust, The Peoples’ Mosquito.


Two further Hawker biplanes, including the only known surviving Hawker Audax (K-5600). The airframe is near compete and an excellent ex-Afghan Hawker Hind (L-7181), recovered with the Shuttleworth’s Hind as well as the RAF Museum’s and the Canadian National Aviation Museum’s example (all on display or flying); this aircraft is being converted to a dual control trainer version, one being found in Afghanistan. And finally a 1941 Yak-1, with the Klimov V 12 engine having been rebuilt in the engine overhaul facility, whilst the airframe was started by a sub-contractor and then taken over by Retrotec.

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