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Accompanying the engine shop is the Retrotec magneto shop.

The most complicated and deepest rebuilds can be undertaken, as new parts are re-manufactured and coils rewound and then vacuum impregnated with a special varnish that prevents deterioration internally. Even distributor caps, rotor arms, contact breaker sets and capacitors (also known as condensers) have been manufactured.

Recent examples of magnetos rebuilt from Le Rhone and Clerget rotary engines to the massively complex Focke-Wulf 190 (BMW) 14 cylinder magneto, plus the Russian Klimov magneto, all kinds of Bosch (4, 6 and 12-cylinder), BTH, 18-cylinder Rotax and BTH magnetos for the Rolls Royce Falcon, Eagle, Kestrel, Merlin and Griffon plus many Gipsy Major and other 4-cylinder magnetos. Aero engines, cars and even gun tank magnetos are all catered for.

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