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Environmental and Sustainability Policy

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Retrotec Ltd has considered the impact that its’ activities may have on the environment, it’s key suppliers and customers and strives to comply with ever-increasing environmental demands and better understanding of the impact of it has.

As an environmentally responsible organisation, the Retrotec principle environmental commitments are to: Comply with all applicable environmental legislation, codes of practice, regulatory controls and business requirements.

  • Minimise pollution or nuisance that may be caused by our activities.
  • Minimise the generation of emissions and waste disposal working to local and national rules and regulations and more so if possible.
  • Use energy and natural resources (including water, energy and raw materials) efficiently and to reduce consumption where possible.
  • Regularly review the environmental impact of our activities and continually improve our environmental performance through the setting and review of realistic, achievable and sustainable objectives.
  • To provide appropriate resources for the implementation of this policy and in line with the context of the business to work with relevant interested parties/stakeholders to implement this policy.
  • Where applicable encourage our supply chain to adopt similar environmental commitments

Guy Black

Managing Director