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One of the rapidly growing departments at Retrotec is with engine re-construction.

This was developed as it was found that sub-contracting this work made the manufacturing of spares logistically difficult, as few of the engines that are worked on have spares availability.

Some very rare aero engines are now rebuilt, such as a Siddeley Puma, Rolls Royce Falcon and Kestrel, a Klimov V-12 and others besides. Retrotec’s sister company, Aero Vintage maintains a collection of gun tanks and even these have been rebuilt, with the famous RR Meteor and Nuffield Liberty featuring.

As the engine facility grows, Retrotec are making their facilities available to more and more specialist historic car engines as well; usually of a type that other engine shops would find daunting to do, due to lack of spares and technical know-how. These include a very rare 1st WW Colombo aero engine, which is going into an aero-engined special based on a Renault chassis, a highly tuned 30/98 Vauxhall engine, a specially modified Crossley and many others.

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