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The first major complete aircraft to be restored entirely at Retrotec was a 1932 Hawker Nimrod I, the naval version of the famous Hawker Fury fighter of the ‘30’s.

The aircraft is now flying with the Fighter Collection at Duxford. A further dozen or so Hawker biplanes await in the wings, including the only known surviving Hawker Fury and a rare Hawker Hind. A 1935 Hawker Nimrod II was completed in 2006, for Historic Aircraft Collection (see the Historic Aircraft Collection website for aircraft histories).

The company is also rebuilding HAC’s 1940 Yak-1, with the Klimov V 12 engine being reconditioned in the engine overhaul facility. The airframe is now in the workshop for completion, having been started by a subcontractor.

Earlier aircraft are also part of the portfolio; a Bristol F2b which flew in 2006 and two original WW1 bombers — 1918 DH9’s. One has been completed as a static exhibit for the Imperial War Museum, the other is to be a flyer. Also recently completed was the Fe 2b for the RAF Museum that had been started by another sub-contractor.